Endoscopy and its tools

Endoscopy is a medical procedure that involves a long thin tube, which is inserted inside a person’s body for medical purposes. Endoscopy is used to study a tissue or an internal organ in detail and it can even be part of minor surgeries. A tool used for endoscopy is call an endoscope and it is inserted in the body through a person’s anus or mouth.

Endoscopies are considered to be pretty safe procedures and this procedure has been in place for over 200 years. Endoscopies are responsible for removal of tumours from a person’s lungs and the digestive system. Millions of endoscopies are carried out in a year, all over the world.

Capsule endoscopy:

The procedure of capsule endoscopy involves a wireless camera that is inserted in a person’s body for procedure. Apart from being wireless, the special thing about this camera is that it is so small that it fits easily in a capsule, to be swallowed later. As the capsule makes its way from your throat to your stomach, it takes multiple pictures during its journey. These pictures are then transmitted to a device where they can be examined.

Wear and tear:

Every thing that performs a certain task goes through wear and tear. When you use your endoscopy tools for procedures, they tend to wear off over time. If any tool of yours gets damaged, it must be repaired immediately. If you set the tool aside and neglect it for long, it could cause permanent damage to expensive equipment.

Tools used in Endoscopy


Tubing is used to remove certain fluid samples from a person’s body. Certain procedures need to use suction to remove these fluids. To perform this procedure, different types of endoscopy tubings are required. These tubes are divided into different types and each has its own unique use. Once used, a tubing needs to be discarded afterwards.


Laryngoscopes are tools used to monitor a person’s larynx. This has to do with an organ in your throat, which supports your vocal cords. For an endoscope to gain access through the throat, a laryngoscope is used.


What would be a better tool to puncture the surface of your skin than a needle? Endoscopy needles come in different sizes; some needles are specifically designed for particular procedures.

Kit Bag:

An Endoscopy kit bag is your all-in-one tool kit. Due to a number of different tools being used in the process of endoscopy, an endoscopy kit bag brings all those tools together in one simple bag. This helps doctors as it eases the process of preparation before a procedure.


This is one vital procedure that helps you with the process of endoscopy. Since we know that endoscopy uses a camera to enter a person’s body, the wet and warm environment of a body could cause the camera lens to go foggy. An-fogging treatments are in place simply to avoid this from happening. This anti fog treatment is applied to the camera before start of the procedure. Once done, this prevents the camera from going blur and allows an easy, clear view for the doctors to view.

M.D. Endoscopy

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