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Wireless Capsule Endoscopy (WCE) is a useful tool for visualizing the GI tract, and for the purpose of diagnosing conditions within the small intestine, such as Crohn's Disease, peptic ulcers, cancer, celiac disease, gastro esophageal reflux disease, and unexplained bleeding, for example.

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Understanding the purpose, associated risks, and general expectations before any type of surgery is something everyone should take time to research.You should follow the specific instructions your doctor will give you before your endoscopic procedure. The following is a general explanation and some tips to help you better understand the procedure and feel prepared before the procedure is performed.

A Little Something to Know About Endoscopy Equipment Cleansing

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Once endoscopy equipment has been used on any patient, the equipment then needs to be cleaned and disinfected properly, before it can be used on another patient. But as this equipment is delicate in nature, you should take special precaution while you are cleaning it. Before your technician gets on with the cleaning here is what they need to know.


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Endoscopy can be just as useful in veterinary medicine as in human health care. Most commonly, endoscopy is used as a diagnostic tool, rather than to treat, but can also be used for what is termed "interventional endoscopy." Common reasons animals might benefit from endoscopy are much the same as the reasons humans benefit. Endoscopy will allow for a visual exploration of an area, as well as provide a means of obtaining a sample, or biopsy, without the risks of actual surgery. The broad range of types of endoscopy that can be performed on animals include respiratory tract endoscopy, upper and lower GI tract endoscopy, urinary and genital tract endoscopy, and abdominal endoscopy.

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