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As the industry leader of pre-owned endoscopy equipment, M.D. Endoscopy, Inc. offers one of the largest inventories of endoscopes in the world. We offer products from all major manufacturers including but not limited to Olympus, Pentax and Fujinon. We are your one source for pre-owned and used endoscopes, endoscopy equipment and accessories, and endoscope repair. M.D. Endoscopy, Inc. offers our Satisfaction Guarantee and unprecedented No hassle 24-month warranty to each and every customer on all pre-owned endoscopes and endoscopy accessories we sell and 12-month warranty on all repairs. NO OTHER COMPANY IN THE INDUSTRY OFFERS A WARRANTY AS COMPREHENSIVE AS OURS! We strive to deliver the highest quality endoscopy products at the most affordable prices. Our goal is not only to satisfy the requirements and needs of our customers, but to continually exceed their expectations. Our objective is to acquire used endoscopes and accessories from institutions and individual practices, refurbish them to warranted, like new condition and make them available on the worldwide market with the longest warranty in the pre-owned and used endoscopy equipment industry. All of our endoscopes and endoscopy accessories have been refurbished to ensure they meet all industry and OEM performance standards. We offer a wide array of pre-owned and refurbished endoscopy equipment, including many hard to obtain endoscopes and accessories such as: Olympus Colonoscopes (Olympus CF-HQ190i, Olympus PCF-Q180AL, PCF-H180AL, PCF-160AL, PCF-140L, CF-Q180AL, CF-H180AL, CF-Q160AL, CF-Q160L, CF-140L, CF-Q140L), Olympus Gastroscopes (Olympus GIF-HQ190, Olympus GIF-Q180, GIF-H180, GIF-N180, GIF-160, GIF-Q160, GIF-XP160, GIF-140, GIF-XQ140, GIF-Q140, GIF-P140), Olympus Processors (Olympus CV-180, CV-160, CV-140), and Olympus Light Sources (Olympus CLV-180, CLV-160, CLV-U40). Through exceptional customer service and honesty, we look forward to working with your facility to fulfill your pre-owned endoscopy equipment and endoscope repair needs. Export Company


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